Wendy has led an adventurous life. She met her husband while backpacking around Europe, marrying in a Spanish village.  They moved to Tehran as the Iranian revolution began.  Wendy was evacuated to the United Kingdom, alone, just 23 years old, 9 months pregnant and only the clothes on her back.  Next stop was Lagos, Nigeria for 17 years, living through 5 coup d’états.  Wendy returned to Canada in 1996 completing her BA at the University of Toronto at 47 years young.



She has since moved to Victoria and has tried scuba diving, kayaking, dragon boating, outrigger canoeing and hiking.  Wendy recently turned 60 and became a grandma!!! Entering the last third of her life, losing her own mother and watching her weight soar, Wendy realized she needed to stay fit and healthy to watch her grandchild grow. Wendy is now proud to call herself a runner, completing her first race last fall.  Wendy believes: “It is never too late”.  We are thrilled to welcome Wendy as one of our speakers at our show in April.


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