At the tender age of 44 after years of smoking 2 packs a day and much socializing (and almost no exercise), Bob had the opportunity to help a friend at a transition for Ironman Canada.  That was the start of a radical change to a much better lifestyle for Bob.  He signed up to compete in the following years race and started from ground zero to train(no more smoking).  He went on to complete the race in sub 12 hours and was hooked.  A month after that he read an ad in Triathlete magazine for a new race “Eco Challenge”, the headline was “this is the race that eats Ironmen for breakfast” what more did he need.

Bob Faulkner

With 2 close friends, the three of them put together a team of neophytes and pulled some strings to get accepted.  They had no clue what to expect, but being just plain stubborn and reasonably fit they ended up placing 13th out of 80 teams of which only 15 actually finished.  The rest is history, Bob went on to compete in 7 Eco Challenges, 7 Ironman races including Kona(World Championships), 5 Iditasports, 5 BC Bike Races, Trans Andes, 3 Trans Portugal, Mongolian Bike Challenge, European Adventure Racing Championship and many many more crazy events.  Now, at the age of 68, he still competes, is helping raise a young family, runs a successful business and is constantly looking for the next unusual adventure.

AGE IS JUST A NUMBER TO BOB!!!!  Bob, we are thrilled to have you speaking at our show in April!!!


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