Strong teamwork and partnerships are essential for any adventure and expedition. The dynamic team of Jason Cole and Rand Surbey have set the bar high in terms of athletic achievement and pushing the limit! As proud founding members of SymbiAthletic, an organization devoted to introducing people with disabilities to competitive racing and other adventures, Jason and Rand have created opportunities for many to explore and to believe that anything is possible.

An avid athlete, Jason Cole was dissatisfied with the cost options on the open market for people facing disabilities. He soon began designing and building custom-made, affordable, and easily maintained racing wheelchairs to create equal opportunities for all. Along with Rand Surbey, they have now completed five half-marathons between 2013 and 2014, in an average time of 1:33, and most recently completed the Tough Mudder 2014 Adventure Race in Whistler BC. Always willing to push their limits, they even ran the Scotiabank half-marathon the day after completing the Tough Mudder! In his “spare” time, Jason is also an avid sailor, hiker, pilot and adventure seeker.
Always looking for the next great adventure, Rand Surbey doesn’t let anything stand in his way despite having to contend with cerebral palsy. His difficulties with motor control and requiring a computer board to aid communicate, he faces challenges everyday that most others take for granted.
Not content with allowing life to pass him by, Rand continuously strives for greater challenges and together, he and Jason Cole have conquered five half-marathons and most recently, the Whistler 2014 Tough Mudder. He even completed two obstacles without the aid of his wheelchair, getting as muddy as any Tough Mudder should in the process. Rand is often the one who finds the next great challenge and pushes the team through to their victories with his enthusiasm and energy. Always active, Rand enjoys hiking all around Vancouver’s many environments, and wants to travel the world.
It seems like nothing can stand in the way of Jason and Rand’s taste for adventure!
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