Professional image maker and adventurer.

Last 2011, he was selected as National Geographic Adventurer of the year because he was able to circumnavigate Canada’s Ellesmer Island for 104 days. This was never done before and his effort paid dividends. The images of his adventure were featured in New York Times and Outside Magazine.

eric boomer

His love for exploration and adventure earned him the title, “Honey Badger of Kayaking”. His confident approach to such endeavour reflects in his passion for the art of photography. With this approach, he embarked on a project last December 2012, spending a week as a homeless person in the streets of Washington DC. Even though his thoughts are deep into this project, he still did find time to do a portrait series of people on personal change.

A Native of Idaho, he has dropped some 30 times into downriver descends and waterfalls. In all of these adventures he mentions he is driven by what he feels in his heart, listening to what his gut tells him and usually finds himself in extremely challenging situations, ending up being humbled and taught to be a better person. He loves being around people but in every adventure he does he is being portrayed as the Nomad, happily spending time alone to clear his mind and contemplate on his life. His alone time helps him get past through obstacles.

In all of his adventures, finding solace and solitude is what drives him as he searches for life’s meaning and its answers. His journey through Ellesmer Island made him realize of what he has and made him appreciate his family and friends more. He sets his limits higher though, finding that he can push harder and set the bar higher than previously set. He quoted Duog Ammons: “The best line in any rapid is the one that takes you through it and continues through your life”

A true adventurer, all of his journeys include some aspects of uncertainty or an unknown challenge just lying beyond the corner.

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