This summer we set off on a self propelled arctic rowing trip to discover first hand what if any changes Climate change was having on the Canadian Arctic, we worked for 2 years to bring the expedition to life, a team of 3 young men and one old fart took on the challenge of a lifetime. We quickly had to come to terms with the fact that the arctic is a very unforgiving area of the world, nothing is really known about the area we were to travel through, the distances are vast and even the locals do not venture far form their own home bases. Very few people have had to opportunity to travel this shoreline and experience it as intimately as we did and live to tell the tale. The weather and currents are ferocious, the barren landscape is breathtaking and raw. It is so far removed from what we call normal that it takes a while to adjust to the surroundings. You dont really live in the Arctic the way we live in the city, you survive. Every decision you make when traveling could be your last. Denis a regular guy with perhaps one or two loose screws that went seeking an adventure and he found bucket loads. His talk will cover a 48 hour period of our trip which will give you an idea what challenges you can expect to face when traveling in the Arctic.

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