Norona’s childhood sport is downhill skiing as well as soccer in which he practically grew up on. A friend introduced him to duathlon (biking/run) in 1989 and he was hooked instantly. He bought his first bike at that time and the following year, he went to ride through British Columbia, perfecting his skills and learning other sports. He discovered inline skates in 1990 and won a rollerblade event in ’91. He raced on rollerblades for seven years. For Several years, he is probably the only athlete in the world who competes in the elite level with all of the sports he is into, from telemarking, snowboarding, climbing, biking and golf.


Dave Norona is considered as one of the best adventure racers in Canada, probably even in the world. In the past years he has done cross-country ski racing in Greenland, Italy and Alaska, and rode his mountain bike for 24 hours as a solo contestant in the “24 hours of Adrenaline”, and repeating that performance six weeks later in Vernon, British Columbia. Two weeks after that, he emerged victorious after winning the solo category in the 100km sea-to-summit two-day endurance race. After all of these races, Dave still wants more. Proof of this is that he claimed his 15th sea-to-summit title, representing Canada in some of the most daring sports. E.g. swimming the Atlantic, mountain biking up the Corcovado and hand gliding over downtown Rio de Janeiro.

Even at just 5’6”and weighing a paltry 132 lbs. he can be seen partying hard, ends up sleeping late and waking up early but still able to win races he entered into. He is described as one of the “wildest, craziest guy” that they have raced with. He lives life hard, and races even harder. His string of victories and achievements can very well be longer than this article but Dave is one of Canada’s top crossover athletes.

With all of these beatings on his body, Dave concocted his own breakfast shake, “Super Dave’s Super Shake” which he takes twice a day to replenish all his lost energy and calories. He can very well retake the championship for the Iditasport, the human counterpart of Iditarod.

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