Our next speaker discovered adventure through long distance running, starting with road marathons, which eventually morphed into a hobby of running trail ultra marathons. If you saw her out on the trail today, you’d come across a girl with a striking resemblance to the Brave character, but perhaps adorned in socks that say “BEER” prominently or some sort of ridiculous swag, either a set of shining golden shorts or a grass skirt and ukulele, depending on the occasion. (It’s gotten to the point that random people she doesn’t know ask her where her gold shorts are, when she wears shorts of any other non-metallic shade.) She’s here to tell you about why she sometimes dresses like a maniac well past Halloween, and her approach to endurance adventure, one that centers around fun, friends, and beautiful views as the way to really “win”.

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=wno1h3_q55A width=640 height=480 auto_thumb=”1″]

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