Ryan Robertson grew up exploring the craggy coastline of South Africa. It was here that his passion for surfing and ocean conservation was born. After moving to Canada, Ryan began surfing the frigid waters of BC. Through some epic and remote adventures on the stunning coastline of British Columbia, Ryan developed an appreciation for the access to remote areas enabled by travelling by small sailboat.

In 2003, Ryan made a pact with brother Bryson and friend, Hugh Patterson to sail around the world to surf, explore and investigate remote beaches around the world. OceanGybe, a Global Research and Outreach Expedition, was born. The 40,000 mile circumnavigation began in 2007, and ended in Vancouver, BC, in the summer for 2010.


The OceanGybe awareness presentation has been given to over 20,000 kids around the world, and the story is covered in a recent documentation of the voyage, entitled “Tide Lines”.

Tickets for the show are available now!

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