Tiffany Melius was born and grew up in the sub-tropical climate of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast. She spent her childhood, along with her brother and sister, climbing trees, swimming, cycling and playing various sports, taking full advantage of Brisbane’s long summer days and mild winters.

Her passion to succeed coupled with her willingness to put in the hard work to achieve her goals were evident from an early age, and she excelled in many areas – she was a member of a youth drama performance troupe, a clarinetist in her high school band, learned french by distance education, and was a high achiever academically.

Tiffany Melius

At 14, her engagement with her primary sport of gymnastics started to waver, and she was looking for a new sport to challenge her, while maintaining her strength and flexibility. On the recommendation of a neighbour, she tried indoor rock climbing at a local facility, and she was hooked. She started competing three months later and hasn’t looked back.

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