Bob has been paddling on his standup paddle surfer every day since January 2011 to find ways to “change the way I live on the planet”.

Along the way, he has also been challenging people he meets to “change the way they live on the planet” His name is Bob Purdy and he is the Standup Paddle Surfer, Elder in Training from Paddle of the Planet. He has observed ripple effects that occur when change is made. One internal change leads to more changes, which then lead to more external changes and people within your circle observe you are doing things differently, which starts another change in one person, and so on and so forth. He surmised that one person definitely has the power to influence and to change… and he does this by paddling.


Last 26 June 2012, he invited paddlers from around the world to see the World Paddle for the Planet Day, and asked them to commit to that change. It became apparent that there are pockets of “change” that are permanent around the world. It was encouraging that there will be another World Paddle for Planet Day this 2013. Bob will paddle for 24 hours nonstop from Lake Powell in Panama City Florida. He has since been paddling every day to change the way we live on the planet, asking not only paddlers but everyone he meets to change.

Our earth is asking for us to change and everywhere we look, we can assess that the air, water, and land we live are already polluted. Is this healthy? Can they still sustain life in the future? Bob encourages us to change the way we live so we can cherish our world, and pass it on to future generation. He believes that one person can change the world, and you can stand up and change for the betterment of our planet.


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