“The difference between those who act upon inspiration and those who don’t is maybe that they live a life true to themselves. They have the balls to follow their path.”- Simon Whitehead

Simon is an artist that loves to push himself to the limit, going to some points that are not even on the map. He started his journey last August 2010 and has racked up more than 6,000 miles on his bike through South America, reaching up to Patagonia. His travel through the continent has made him a better person both physically and emotionally. Cycling through different countries and cultures, his appreciation for life and culture was more than what he hoped for.

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La Condor Roja is his best buddy, his 2 wheeled companion all throughout. With his bike, he trudged through unknown territories in the Aouth Americas, hitching rides, sharing meals, and just being offered help in some way by the locals made his seemingly improbable adventure a worthwhile effort. His allowance per day is more than enough to cover his basic needs, but once he met a couple who subsides on USD5/day, he got to thinking that he has more than enough. Most of the locals he met offered him more than just the usual wave and hellos for a traveller. And most offered him meals and homes/lawns where he can set up his tent then doze off for the night.

When he arrived at Quito, his Spanish was just ok to get him by, but as he got along, his conversation with the locals has gone from the basic conversation and sketching to pronouncing Spanish with an accent. Moreover, he lost more than 14kgs and a leg built for an Olympian biker. He was ok with a 10mph speed back home without a load, but easily can do 14mph loaded.

His adventure is truly one of a kind, leaving nothing to chance but soaking in the cultures, the countries and the opportunity to pursue his dream.  Check out the video here.

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