After growing up in the concrete canyons of Toronto and earning her BA in history at Queens University, Robin O’Neill bolted for the wild. She worked with international aid organisations on two continents before landing in Whistler, BC, where she put down roots and launched a photographic career.

In BC’s Coastal Range, Robin fell hopelessly in love with sports that she had barely known existed – mountain biking and skiing. She was drawn to the camera as a tool to probe more deeply into the wild landscape and wilder personalities that surrounded her.

Robin’s insatiable curiosity, obsession with observation, and addiction to mountain life are now sweetly aligned to ensure happy clients, grand adventures, and shooting top shelf photos that capture lifestyle to a tee.

Robin has had many of her most positive experiences based on her ability to take risk. She is terrified of public speaking and still said yes to speaking at FEAT Canada. She did not know how to ski ten years ago, decided to move to Whistler to learn, and now she photographs skiing professionally, with the best athletes in the world. Her ‘jump-in’ approach to life, despite her fears, has led her to her most rewarding experiences.

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