Walking 40+km a day, for weeks in a row, with minimal human interaction is a different kind of challenge than most athletic pursuits. Long distance hiking requires mental fortitude, the strength to endure solitude, and just plain stubbornness. Between hiking from Canada to the Mexican border along the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) and the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) I walked over 8,000km, spending 250 nights in the wilderness. I was mostly alone with my thoughts, uninterrupted.

In “real life” I am the Chief Technology Officer at a small Victoria network security company, PresiNET Systems, where I sit in a windowless office, solving problems. For fun I play ultimate frisbee and do Crossfit. My next adventures are hiking some of the trails that crisscross Europe, and further out, walking the Appalachian Trail and the Te Araroa (across New Zealand).

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