Even though Mandy-Rae Krack was raised in land locked Edmonton, AB, it didn’t stop her from spending her life in the water. After school Mandy-Rae became a scuba instructor and moved to the west coast. She worked her way up to the highest level one can achieve in recreational scuba and then started looking for another way to enjoy the water but challenge herself at the same time. That is when, her now husband, Kirk Krack introduced her to Freediving. 18 months after her first freedive she set her first of seven world records becoming the deepest woman in the world. Mandy-Rae was part of the “Black OPS Team” in the 2010 Academy Award winning documentary The Cove about the dolphin slaughter in Japan. She teaches Freediving with her husband through their company Performance Freediving International and has retired from competitive Freediving to raise their daughter Kaila.

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