In 2003, Paul Gleeson, who hails from Limerick in Ireland cycled 5,000km across Australia from Perth to Sydney. After 2 months on the road, which included being run down twice by cars, Paul arrived into Sydney. On the 30th of November 2005, Paul, rowed out of a small marina in the Canary Islands and 85 days later after enduring the tail end of a hurricane and 2 tropical storms that dished up 45ft swell and some of the worst weather ever recorded for that time of year, Paul arrived into the Caribbean island of Antigua to complete his epic rowing voyage. What makes Paul’s story even more interesting is that he only learned how to row one year before the race began. Paul wrote a book about this adventure, entitled “Crossing the Swell” was published in Ireland in 2006 and across Canada in 2009.

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