Wendy Swinton has led a fascinating life. After high school she backpacked around Europe, met her Canadian husband and began a life of adventure.

The couple lived in Tehran until the Iranian Revolution forced them to flee to the UK. Wendy was 23 at the time, 9 months pregnant and arrived with little money and only the clothes on her back. She and her husband would move to Lagos, Nigeria and live there for 17 years, enduring 5 coup d’états.

Wendy’s marriage ended in 1996 and she decided to move to Canada. The past year has been a challenge for Wendy: she turned 60, she lost her mother, she became a grandma and she saw her weight balloon. As a result, she’s embarked on a new journey to stay fit, lose weight and to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Wendy is now proud to call herself a runner.

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