The original and most versatile headwear to keep you warm, cool and comfortable whether you are running, hiking, biking, skiing or waiting for the bus on your way to work. BUFF® offers a wide range of products to fit your lifestyle and almost countless designs to match your taste. Start to discover the BUFF® Collection right here.


BUFF® continues to grow and develop as a world-wide brand and across Canada. All of our products have European styling and continue to be made in our exclusive factory in Spain. Our distribution centre in Canada is based in the mountain town of Canmore, Alberta. This is where we live and play in the mountain environment.

We support athletes that race on the World Cup for Canada, climbers that have stood on top of the world, many ordinary folk doing extraordinary things, and so much more.

In 2013 BUFF® will celebrate 21 years of adventure. We look forward to bringing comfort to you as you get out on the trails, climb those peaks and explore the outdoors during all seasons.