From competing internationally in swimming to enjoying outdoor pursuits like hiking, skiing, and surfing, Peter Marshall has always been an athletic person driven to take his skills to the next level. His adventure resume includes cycling across Canada and Western Europe, and finishing Ironman Canada in 2008. In late 2010, just weeks after his wedding, Peter became critically ill and was diagnosed with a rare and incurable autoimmune disease. The disease scarred him with a compromised immune system, permanent damage to his lungs, and a long road to recovery.

After a couple years of intense medical treatment, Peter made it to a state of remission, allowing him to plan an adventure to raise awareness of this rare condition. In July 2013, Peter completed a self-supported cycling, skiing, and climbing trip from Vancouver to the summit of Mount Rainier and back. Despite the illness, Peter continued to persevere and did not allow anything to take away his ambition. His determination and desire to remain active in spite of unfortunate circumstances remains his greatest achievement to date!”

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