Hayley Shephard was born and raised in New Zealand where she used to own, operate and live in a 31 ft. sailboat. She then moved to Canada off an island north of Vancouver. It seems she lived her whole life surrounded by water.

As a teacher, she has taught countless students. She has carried her teaching style when she pursued being a wilderness guide and naturalist where she has led people of all ages and backgrounds into some of the world’s richest natural habitats. On winters, she spends it as far south as the Antarctic fringes and spends most of her summers exploring the Pacific Northwest, jumping from island to island on her kayak and piloting vessels on the Northwest Passage. In those regions, she leads her “class” to excursions on grizzly and black bear country, and leads them to waterways and inlets to see killer whales and humpback whales for sightseeing.


On these island hopping adventures on her kayak, what she enjoys the most are spontaneous photographing of nature and writing about her experiences. Her photographs and articles have been published in most of the adventure related glossies. Recently, she had published her very first children’s book entitled “Leave Only Footprints”. As an adventurer, she treasures her solo travels abroad as something to refresh her mind and soul. She has traveled alone in Africa, Middle East, Nepal and Bolivia where she made her way to remote villages and oftentimes she is invited to teach.

Her philosophy in life is to motivate people to spend time with their environment, observing the splendor of the wild and to find personal connection with it. This, she says, is an important relationship with nature, where we begin to understand how nature functions and to which we can live to play and co-exist, adapting in its ways and to care for and protect it.

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