“If I only scrape for a living at least it’s a living worth scraping for!”

Chris Christie resides in Squamish B.C. near the towering granite walls of the Chief. He is a Firefighter/Photographer. He keeps a photo blog though which is in no way a shameless self-promotion but rather a way to keep in touch with his folks and share his experiences of what he has seen and done through the eye of the lens. He feels fortunate to play a part in stoking people to get out, explore and find their own experiences no matter what they are. It really inspires him to capture a moment in time and tell a visual story through photography

Chris Christie

It is between living on the fringe of city life in Vancouver and in the mountains, the big mountains of the Whistler region to be exact, where he has found balance. Chris did beautiful work for various editorial and advertising companies worldwide and has extensive experience capturing the shot in hard to reach places. If you need him, you can hire him for commercial shoots, stock images, editorial needs and other custom assignments. You can see that he is very passionate about photography as evidenced in the contents of his photo blog. It is also a place where he shares his experiences especially those behind-the-scenes photos.

His latest adventure is going up Kitimat and Terrace to gain a perspective on the possible impact on the Enbridge Pipeline and the mountains/oceans interface, and has this to say: “The idea of an oil pipeline through this remote peak is ridiculous. The area has tons of drainages as well as slide-paths that the line would pass through. The entire coastline is at risk for possible pipelines and oil tankers. Many of the rarely visited fjords are prime habitat for a huge variety of wildlife/sea life. It could potentially be a massive environmental disaster to allow the movement of oil through these pristine areas.”

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