“I like to believe this journey was meant to be”

In the past 14 years Chad has travelled to New Zealand, Australia, Greece, Nepal, extensively throughout Canada and the US as well as Europe, South East Asia and India and took multiple trips to Central/South America and Hawaii. He is certainly not finished yet. “In my heart I feel there is so much of the world to admire, so I chose to see as much of it as possible. I have experienced so many beautiful moments of stillness and spiritual solitude which have allowed me to truly experience the simplicity of life.”

The injuries and challenges in his ski career have given him the chance to grow as an individual and appreciate each experience whether good or bad. This unique lifestyle manifested itself organically, as he become more passionate about seeing the world and exploring his creative passion for photography. As his ski career evolved, it has afforded him the chance to travel all year round, skiing, climbing, surfing, biking, etc. Along the way, he enjoys life by the sea together with his family.


Recently, Chad and four of his friends traveled deep into the ancient fjords of Baffin Island, 70° North of the Canadian Arctic, to explore the biggest, most enchanting colors on the planet. They joined local hunters in the remote village of Clyde River who agreed to take the 130 kilometers to Sam Ford Fjord and Walker Arm where temperatures dip regularly below -30C°. For the Inuit, this is an everyday experience, but for them it’s otherworldly. They set up camp next to the Walker Citadel, one of the tallest cliffs on the planet – the nearest rescue helicopter is 300 kilometers away in Halifax, quite scary.

As a passionate photographer, he realized long ago that being a photographer is a very personal and intimate experience, a stimulation of all the senses in that brief moment of life passing you by.

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