Andreas Hestler (born May 12, 1970, in Victoria, British Columbia) is a Canadian professional racing cyclist. Hestler finished 31st in the Men’s Mountain Bike Race at the 1996 Summer Olympics. Hestler currently rides for Rocky Mountain Bicycles.

Andreas Hestler, more popularly called as ‘Dre’, started his passion for mountain biking way back in 1986 when a mountain bike was just a simple mode of transportation. As soon as he moved to Vancouver and started embracing the life of a courier, he made an attempt to race and that was when a new love was born. The next 20 years described a full career for him, with a total of 13 years in the World Cup Circuit, World Championship and the Olympics, truly the lifestyle of a devoted athlete, but one who also enjoyed the process and was aware of the other aspects of his life. Volunteering for a good cause was high in his priorities same as competing, coaching, winning and promoting the sport at a local level.


Considered to be his highest achievement is being able to take Canada and Rocky Mountain Bicycles to the Olympic debut of Mountain Biking held in Atlanta in 1996, including representing Canada as the National Champion, and being a National Series winner five times.  Andreas Hestler is truly an ambassador of the sport, a fierce competitor, a pioneer and an all-around cyclist with wins on the road, mountain and cross bike, from Epic to short track and Super D, Dre has a two wheel gift, an engine and a personality to match.

In the last few years after winning the Trans Rockies 3 times, Dre has found writing, guiding, event promotion and exploring to be his new hobbies and of course they all happen on Rocky Mountain Bikes.

In 1997 he raced for team Rocky Mountains and in 1998 for Volvo-Cannondale in the USA. He is the Canadian National Champion twice, Canada Cup Winner thrice. He represented Canada in the 1996 Olympics. He is ranked 13th overall in the World and he holds 14 World Championships.

He is affiliated with BC Bike Race, Big Mountain Adventures, Sombrio Clothing, Ryders Eyewear, Dakine, and Fox Racing Shox.

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