In his childhood, he was a frail and nerdy boy who decided to be a climber. His adventures along the way, together with his goals, were soon accomplished with some interesting side notes on the way. He has been climbing since the 1970s, and has done many routes in the Squamish and BC areas, US Rockies, England, and Norway. He also did triathlons and is considered a Hawaiian Ironman.

Anders likes to write especially about climbing and is very involved in climber’s welfare particularly in the Climber’s Access Society of British Columbia. Anders also took up writing in the early 80s documenting his works.  He mostly wrote about the local scene in Squamish and Howe sound. He has extensively written about these areas in a forum. He has the knack on remembering most, if not all his climbs and can very well write them after, even events that took place in the 70s.

Anders Ourum

As a proof to his writing ability he has posted this note on the Swatamus Chief rockfall on the CASBC page: “There was a rockfall on (off?) the Chief in January (before the tremor in March).  Climbers leaving the brew pub, senses perhaps moderately enhanced, saw it and report spectacular fireworks.. “

Aside from being a member of the CASBC, he also sits as a Director. While in the 2010 Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, he recalls funny stories of the 70s and always laughs while recollecting them. He also is a member of the a forum for climbers. He is one of the senior mountaineers/climbers in the Squamish and has schooled so many people wanting to climb the mountains in the area.

Most of his stories can be read in detail in the forum section. He is considered a legend in the Squamish area by local/social climbers who swear that he is in a completely different league together with Eric Weinstein and Daryl Hatten, Bill Thomson and Dave Nicol.

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