A passion for adventure and photography, that’s what keeps Todd Lawson up on his feet around the world. Combining a different approach in photography and his thirst for adventure, he and his partner, Christina, to more than 50 countries and 5 continents. His photographic portfolio includes fine arts, landscape and nature, photojournalism and sports, including his travel images of destinations beyond the usual beaten path.


He was a newspaper photojournalist broadening his skills in every assignment given to him, from sports travel and nature. He has photographed the Indian Ocean, nomadic camel herders in Kenya, motorcycle mechanics in Argentina, market vendors in Peru, Mexican Mariachi’s, street side barbers in the Sudan, and thousands of other subjects and locations from all walks of life and light. His photographic career spans more than 20 years touching on several sports genres, and specializing in available light photography, and portraiture. Several clients are booking Todd, including Mountain Life Magazine, and Lonely Planet Images, which manages his stock photos.

In his adventures in other countries, he uses an enduro motorcycle to get around lesser known roads, stop at a whim, and take images of places not seen on any travel book. He befriends his hosts, often stays for days or even weeks, and considers his hosts as close friends, so he can photograph them in their element. His time abroad is spent in telling others his travel stories, specifically in third world countries. He is the president of Sean Lawson Travellers Foundation, to open up opportunities for children in third world countries to experience the education that travel provide. He is also an International Ambassador for the Against Malaria Foundation. With more than 2 decades of travel and adventure up his sleeve, and a desire for the extra ordinary, he can easily be one of the most desired adventure photographers now.

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