“Live, love, laugh,.. DREAM!”

She loves outdoor sports and is a one of a kind extreme sports buff. Most of Lina’s free time is spent exploring the outdoors. This is of course aside from activities that don’t require racing and competition such as yoga and slacklining to name a few.

She takes great pleasure in sharing, inspiring and motivating others to enjoy the great outdoors as well. And after a very long expedition or race, she values freedom and the reward it gives her. On these journeys, she has her best adventure buddy always beside her, her husband.

38-FEAT 2013-112

She loves to race and believes her competitive nature was first developed way back when she was into competitive gymnastics at age 6. She tried to compete in a number of sports including pole vault, wrestling, rugby, triathlon, marathon, power lifting, ski mountaineering, marathons, and water polo before. More recently, she is into stand up paddling.

She is just about to embark on an epic voyage of stand up paddling from Molokai to Oahu, two main Hawaiian islands. She is the first Canadian to do stand up paddleboard between two islands with a large gap of 32 miles, supported only by her friend, Jeremy Riggs. Her main foe is the open ocean with high winds and deep water willing to throw everything against her. She is the first Canadian to do this on a stand up paddleboard. After this gargantuan journey, Lina will be sharing her ups and downs, her life experiences, lessons learned, and everything in between after this momentous event.

Lina is also involved in SUP as a new sport, what it is all about, how exciting yet frustrating it is to be involved with such a rapidly growing sport. SUP can be played anywhere where there is water.

Recently, Lina has just been included by these companies as their endorser; Werner Paddles, Ryders Eyewear, Trident Sports and Moveo.

Check out her FEAT Canada talk here.

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