“Live life without limits.” – This is the lifelong mantra of Jen Segger, an Elite Ultra Runner and Adventure Racer. She is currently based in Squamish, British Columbia. Wherever she is, she uses her extensive racing experience to travel the world, explore remote areas, challenge personal limits and push for more.

As a coach, she specializes in endurance training, preparation of athletes and ordinary people for their own outdoor pursuits and goals. Jen works with athletes and people of all fitness levels. As an Elite Ultra Runner, she has started Challenge By Choice and it helps clients achieve their personal goals, make sport successes, start and manage their healthy lifestyles.

Jen Segger

It was many years ago when Jen discovered the world of multi-sports and since then has devoted her life to achieve the recognition of being a top endurance competitor. This kind of profession, particularly racing professionally, pushed her to her limits, made her travel the world, meet amazing and extraordinary people and most especially, challenge and push her body in ways she hadn’t thought possible.

Jen spoke about this and more at her talk at FEAT Canada.

Over the years, she has worked hard and is now racing with and against the best endurance athletes in the world. Jen represented i2P at the Badwater Ultramarathon in 2008. She is the youngest woman to ever complete those 135 excruciating miles of desert crossing. Doing all this, Jen was in the Top 10 overall rankings making her an inspiration to everybody who knows her.

With all the milestones in her life, none can be more life changing than the one she is experiencing now, pregnancy. Yes, she is pregnant.  She’s due any day now.  This summer she has been riding her road and mountain bike in the Squamish area daily, admiring the scenic and gave her running shoes on a break.  She took her fitness on a modest level this summer, to put less stress on her pregnancy.  Although even pregnancy can’t make her hard to catch!

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