Ellie Greenwood grew up running and in 2002 entered her first marathon, having always been inspired by watching London marathon on TV as a kid. On crossing the finish line of the Victoria marathon she knew she had found a sport she was truly passionate about and soon long distance running grew from being a hobby to something central in her every day life. By the time she stood at the start line of the 2011 Western States Endurance run, the most famed of 100 milers in North America, Ellie had completed numerous ultras and had been lucky enough to notch up a few wins. But running 100 miles was something she had never done before; it was to be her longest run to date against some of the best female ultra runners in the world and as everyone watched wondering is she could win, Ellie simply wondered if she would make it to the finish line under the power of just her own two feet.

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