Lena grew up literally being dragged by her mountaineering parents through the wilds of BC by summer, and downhill skiiing by winter. Her mother was skiing on whistler on the day she was born, and by the age of 5 she had hiked the entire West coast trail on her own feet, carrying her own backpack and soggy sleeping bag.

The result is that she is now the only person to have skiied (well, except for a few short swims & boat crossings) the entire distance from her her home in Vancouver, to the top of Canada on Mt. Logan. This journey was completed over a few years, with a number of different teams of friends. As such group dynamics were always an integral part of the journey, creating the most lasting memories. Food was a key logistical issue in all of her trip planning. When you marry the 2, group dynamics with food concerns (or lack thereof) you get some interesting stories…

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