Colin Angus, an extreme sportsman, completed the very first human-powered circumnavigation of the world. Last 2006 he entered Vancouver Cycling after 43,000 km of human powered travel.  The past two years, he was able to row across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, walked, trekked and cycled through 167 countries, as well as withstood winter in Siberia, cycled through Europe from St.  Petersburg to Lisbon, and walked through agonizing heat in the tropics.

Colin explored remote parts of the world often sharing his adventures through bestselling books, films and presentations. He has traversed the Amazon and Yenisey Rivers from source to delta at sea, navigated the South Pacific Ocean, and rowed in waterways all over the world.  He made four documentaries that won ten awards at international festivals including the Dijon and Telluride Festivals of Adventure Films.  Some of his works are published in numerous journals including, but not limited to, the Globe and Mail, Reader’s Digest and Cruising World.


From August to December 2011, Colin and his team traveled 3,500 km by small boat from Spain to the Middle East, retracing the trading routes of early seafaring merchants to explore the lands sculpted by the olive tree and uncovered how the olive first came to those shores.

Starting today, Colin and Steve Price (62) from Oklahoma will be attempting to break the speed record for the fastest time anyone has ever paddled the 715 km distance from Whitehorse to Dawson City. They will use an open canoe-shaped rowing boat that Colin designed and built with a sliding seat rowing system. One person will always be rowing while the other rests in the forward part of the boat. All food and supplies that they need for the trip will be stowed on board.

Julie, his fiancée also finished the second draft of the book for their adventure of the Olive. He also is busy with Angus Rowboats. Colin designed and built a number of boats over the years for his various expeditions and had been selling plans and manuals for these boats with great success. He is now taking it to the next level and is launching a line of kits to make construction even easier for the home builder.

Outside Magazine listed Colin as one of the top 25 “bold visionaries with world changing dreams” for his work in promoting lifestyle changes to help the environment.  

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