We have been talking about expanding FEAT across the nation but as you all know Canada is a pretty big place!

We have several national roles we’d love to fill including people to help with:

  • the newsletter
  • the website
  • finding/tracking Canadian adventurers
  • marketing/sponsorship
  • etc.

Similarly we are going to need help for our next show with roles like:

  • ticketing
  • audio visual production
  • photography
  • back stage
  • lighting
  • projection
  • timers
  • door prizes
  • poster/post card creation
  • poster/post card distribution
  • MC
  • set setup/delivery
  • etc.

Benefits of volunteering

We have had a fabulous group of volunteers in the past and volunteers have:

  • received FEAT swag
  • received sponsors swag
  • met all the speakers in person
  • received free tickets to the show
  • and more.

If you have any interest in helping out FEAT Canada please send an email to volunteers@featcanada.ca