In 2010 Simon Whitehead left the UK to cycle solo and unsupported through South America for six months. Armed with a five-day intensive Spanish course and a vague plan to head south, he tentatively set out from Quito Ecuador on an 11,000km journey that ended in Ushuaia, Argentina, the world’s most southern city.  The adventure took him over the Andes, through deserts and jungles, down the world’s most dangerous road and across the world’s largest salt flat before experiencing the vastness and beauty of Patagonia and the Tierra del Fuego. Along the way he was robbed, chased, called ‘Gringo’ at least a thousand times, touched by the kindness of strangers, got lost (numerous times), learned many life lessons and met the woman who would become his wife. Simon is now living in Canada with his wife, Adrienne, and waiting for his Permanent Residency. You can read about his adventure at

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