Nicki Rehn – I love to run. Period. It is simple, solitary, fun, and just plain good for you. I have run through the Alps, up and down Mt Cameroon, across the south west of Australia, at international marathons, across the Grand Canyon (and back), and any where a trail leads off into the wilderness or mountains. When not running, I am teaching new teachers at a university. I grew up in Australia, where I discovered my love for adventure and my natural tendency for endurance in the desert that bordered my back yard. I am now hold dual citizenship and even though I sound Australian, I am Canadian at heart.

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The tickets are already selling fast, you can get them direct from the Centennial Theatre or you can get them online. The tickets are $15 in advance, $17 at the door. Click the image below to purchase tickets.

Centennial Theatre
If you wish to purchase via telephone or in person call or visit the Centennial Theatre during box office hours, 604-984-4484.

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